“Honey, it’s not pink, it’s mauve”

June 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

As many of you know, I wrote a blog awhile back about color, and my experiences with it while I worked in the Paint department. It has come to my attention that there is another hidden message in paint choices,  and that the freeze-up many people have when choosing colors isn’t the only side-effect that paint choosing in a hardware store can cause.

I think I might just be  the next Oprah or Dr. Phil with this next discovery…

If your relationship can survive a trip to the paint store, it can survive anything!

I have noticed it before, but the last few weeks have certainly shown that choosing paint really shows the true colors (haha) of people and their relationships with others .

Her: “Honey what do you think of this color?”

Him: “Eh, whatever you want dear”

Her: “Okay,” few minutes of thinking “I would like this color.”

Him: “What did you choose that one for?!?!”

Me: O.o really?!?!?!

This scenario and others similar to it happen all the time, and the employees (i.e. me) are stuck in that awkward “life-coach” position. Do we side with one of them? Do we keep our mouths shut? Do we lead them another direction? These are all questions that run through my mind at least. Generally I keep the peace, unless one of the decisions is absolutely appalling, then my inner-designer steps in and doesn’t care who wins that one as long as it’s me.

So remember, when going to a paint store with a loved on you are still in public, act like you are, and be open to color choices!


§ 2 Responses to “Honey, it’s not pink, it’s mauve”

  • Kokomolady says:

    One of my day job’s clients hired us to paint their master bedroom a coral color (she tried for coral but ended up closer to pink) and when her husband got home he talked to us in the living room saying “just tell me she didn’t have you paint our bedroom pink.” It was definitely that freeze-for-a-second situation but my boss responded smoothly with a “no sir, it’s not pink, it’s Shrimp Tint” (which was the name of the paint color). Luckily our clients have usually hashed out their color choices by the time we are involved.

    Good job for your inner designer stepping in, people in general don’t know a lot about color so I’m sure they need your expertise a lot.

  • Greg says:

    That’s hilarious, dude. I bet you overhear all kinds of funny conversations between couples. Keep ’em comin!


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