August 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

We all know this condition well, you have 4-7 WIP’s going on and dozens of patterns in your head. You bounce around from project to project and eventually you finish one (a few months later)

I call this condition Crochet.D.D

The crafter’s equivalent to A.D.D. you just can’t focus on one project at a time and have the need to start a new one right away!

I live with C.D.D.  and it can honestly be a pain, especially since I need to crochet for my business but want to make things for myself. I have found that since I am pretty OCD and self-determined, I can finish projects, but only if they take a relatively short time.

If a project looks like it will go past a week or more I will probably bounce around to other projects that take a shorter time. I still will finish them… eventually, when I get bored with another project.

Tell me, do you suffer from Crochet.D.D.?


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  • Austen says:

    I understand exactly what you are going through as I experience the same. Unfortunately though, my C.D.D. is not limited only to crochet but also to any and all projects O have going on. Knitting, sewing, school work, you name it and I am A.D.D about it.

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