The Role of the Artist

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Art has existed since the dawn of humanity, in which I mean when we became the social, free thinking creatures we are today, and has evolved along with us as our brains have expanded, grown, and changed. Whether it was art to begin with or it became art when we needed it to be. The question that often comes up in the world is if art is necessary. I would argue yes, just as most people would, however I wonder if it’s for the same reasons. Many say that it allows someone to express their creative side. That is by all means true, but there are many other roles of art and the artist. In a world where censorship is rampant the most important role of the artist is most necessary.

Artists are the martyrs of the general public. Yes this is a strong statement, but I find it hard to deny. Artists have a great responsibility and privilege of exposing things to the world that would otherwise be hushed up. When a terrible thing happens, artists have an opportunity to expose the whole thing from every angle and with the added insertion of an emotion filter.

If there is an emotion that is often times censored for fear of it consuming the people, artists are allowed to express and feel that for the people, and as viewers, they can experience it in a safe place where it is “okay” and “right” to feel the emotion that the artist expressed. They don’t have to feel awkward or ashamed of the emotion they are feeling because that is the purpose of the work.

Did art arrive and evolve due to social pressures on expression? Sure there is an individual artist statement for every artist out there, but as a general whole, where did art come from?

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