Spot of tea

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are you a junker? A crafter? Someone who just has too many things lying around not doing anything?? Well this project is for you (and me)

I fall into all of those categories, and then some, but this project actually comes out of necessity and a loathing of getting rid of items that

have an emotional value. I received a gorgeous teapot from my sister many years ago (I love some tea now and again) but after testing it for lead I was met with the red color of sadness. It was positive for lead, no drinking from this one. I have had it sitting on shelves in various rooms/apartments, and have never been able to use it, it has acted as an incense holder, a pen holder, even a crochet hook holder. This had to stop. I wanted to do something that would highlight its form. I wracked my brains until I came up with a brilliant idea, put a houseplant in it!

So I did, however I had to do something to make it unique, modern and something that would really reflect my style. I took a decorative plate that I had sitting around and used it as the base. I then took the two cups that came from the tea set and stacked those, attaching it all with a silicone adhesive (safe for aquariums so it is waterproof and non-toxic) and then put the teapot right on top.

I knew that with this raised platform I had to choose a cascading plant so I did a little research and decided on a vine (that I bought at my local garden center.)

In totality this project cost me $3.00! I had all of these things lying around except for the plant! Talk about a cheap way to spruce up a room and to bring some green inside!



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