Through Art Colored Glasses

July 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’ s been a little under a year since I made the major decision to add my second major of Studio Arts with a focus in Photography.  Since then my life has been changed and my world view has shifted quite a bit. The first semester consisted of me finishing a handful of classes for my ecological and evolutionary biology degree (one class left!) and then in the spring I started my first “Art” classes ever. I started with a heavy load, Photography 1, intro to studio arts 1, Painting 1, modern architecture, I also had 2 choirs in there keeping my musical side alive. I was met headfirst with a lot of work, one project due at least every other week, and few class-days to work on them. I was constantly learning new styles and at the same time figuring out my unique view. Different “Exercises” forced me to look at my work with fresh eyes; in turn I started viewing the world with “art colored glasses.”

Everywhere I look I see something I might not have noticed before, or realizing how the light hits different forms in different ways. My perception of everything from color to “composition” has been forever changed. This happened when I started my bio classes too. I started seeing everything in a different way. Through a lens that I was only offered through further knowledge in the field. Is this what happens whenever we gain knowledge about something?

I await this coming semester with great anticipation, hoping that I further myself in my artistic vision as I go through a few more classes and critiques.

Check out my website to see some of my current and past work!


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