A Little Bit More About Me

September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

As many of you know I have started back on the mad dash to the finish line of graduation. I am currently in my final year of college working towards a Bachelors in Studio Arts (with a focus in Photography) and a Bachelors in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology. Being mostly done with bio, I am taking mainly art classes this semester; New Directions in Photography (using historical and digital processes), Photo 2 (to help me hone my eye and style), Foundations 2 (a class devoted to the exploration of materials and how to interact in the world as an artist). On top of these three studio classes, I am also taking two art history classes, and Physics (one of the classes I need to finish my bio degree.)

Not that you needed to know my schedule, nor do you probably care, but it at least explains my tendency to post sporadically. I generally post when inspiration strikes, however I do want to try to post at least once a week. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t necessarily trust my schedule to allow me to do it, and I know I will have crazy weeks when multiple projects are due. I want people to be more active on here as well, so I need to facilitate that activity by being more active in turn.

I will be posting more regularly about art and how I am feeling in regards to projects and also even highlight up and coming artists. I will also have general ramblings about things. It’s a blog, it happens.

I will apologize once for not being very up to par as far as posting goes, but why ruin the future with the past?

And hey, the day continues….



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