Being Aware

January 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Living in a 21st century world, it is easy to be blindsided by the beautiful cacophony of daily life. The endless forms of electronic devices and the entertainment designed to distract the minds of both young and old. 

I am not a hater of technology, nor am I technophile. I don’t need the latest apple product, and you will not hear me berate someone who upgrades to the newest iPhone the day it comes out. 

I am not writing this to blast technology, only what it has done to us as a society. It has created introverted people who have nearly no idea of what is going on in the community around them. Rather than go out to the farmer’s market, they are inside watching a documentary on organic food producers and then tweeting about it. I think networking is great, and it has opened up endless worlds of possibility, and for crying out loud, hear I am blogging this to my readers. Some who hail from as far away as India and Australia and others who very well live in my city. 

I digress.

Through the use of a technological device (My camera) I plan on bringing it with me everyday, everywhere I go. I want to engage in my community and truly be aware of what is going on in my environment everyday. Experiencing the little things. In the past I have also noticed that a camera can facilitate discussion and conversation, and I plan to embrace that. 

I hope you will join me in taking your head out of “The Cloud” every now and again, and meet your neighbor, or strike up a conversation on the bus or train. 

As I step off of my soapbox, I want to remind you, if life isn’t going the way you expected, hold on, the Day Continues.

-Benjamin Krudwig


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