April 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

I realize it has been just over 2 months since I have posted on here. School has taken over my focus and I am only 2 weeks away from graduation, so it is understandable that I would be away fro so long,

Anywho, I wanted to talk about life as usual. I feel like we tend to live life in a hurried, get as many things done in as little time possible, sort of way. I found out that trying to take on the whole world is insane. I was paying more attention to what I needed to get done and less time on how well am I doing. Both mentally and physically I was drained and past the point of sanity. I was doing too many things and should have realized when to call it quits when it came to agreeing to things. 

Funny thing is, the universe know just when to make you pause. What isn’t always so funny, is the way it tells you. 

Just yesterday the universe made me come to a pause (which was more like an abrupt stop) by having someone back her car into mine as I was driving a route I have made hundreds of times. I was paying attention to pedestrians on the left side when I was hit on the right. I never knew how much could happen in such a short amount of time. The airbags deployed like a firework, my glasses flew off, and the next thing I knew was I was in a car with some haze and that there was another car attached to mine. 

So much happened afterwards that I had zero time to really stop and take in what had happened. Not only had I been in a car wreck, it was my girlfriend’s car which had been a graduation gift a few years before.

After I was able to be alone for awhile I decided to just stop, think, and really examine what I was doing with my life and final semester.

I had to drop a show I was in, but it was necessary to keep my sanity and my time.

This accident taught me to just stop and pause for awhile, instead of assuming responsibility for everything and thinking it is feasible to do so many things at once, when you don’t really have the time. 

I just need to remember that once everything is taken care of by insurance etc, the day continues.



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