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September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

As many of you know I have started back on the mad dash to the finish line of graduation. I am currently in my final year of college working towards a Bachelors in Studio Arts (with a focus in Photography) and a Bachelors in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology. Being mostly done with bio, I am taking mainly art classes this semester; New Directions in Photography (using historical and digital processes), Photo 2 (to help me hone my eye and style), Foundations 2 (a class devoted to the exploration of materials and how to interact in the world as an artist). On top of these three studio classes, I am also taking two art history classes, and Physics (one of the classes I need to finish my bio degree.)

Not that you needed to know my schedule, nor do you probably care, but it at least explains my tendency to post sporadically. I generally post when inspiration strikes, however I do want to try to post at least once a week. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t necessarily trust my schedule to allow me to do it, and I know I will have crazy weeks when multiple projects are due. I want people to be more active on here as well, so I need to facilitate that activity by being more active in turn.

I will be posting more regularly about art and how I am feeling in regards to projects and also even highlight up and coming artists. I will also have general ramblings about things. It’s a blog, it happens.

I will apologize once for not being very up to par as far as posting goes, but why ruin the future with the past?

And hey, the day continues….



Through Art Colored Glasses

July 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’ s been a little under a year since I made the major decision to add my second major of Studio Arts with a focus in Photography.  Since then my life has been changed and my world view has shifted quite a bit. The first semester consisted of me finishing a handful of classes for my ecological and evolutionary biology degree (one class left!) and then in the spring I started my first “Art” classes ever. I started with a heavy load, Photography 1, intro to studio arts 1, Painting 1, modern architecture, I also had 2 choirs in there keeping my musical side alive. I was met headfirst with a lot of work, one project due at least every other week, and few class-days to work on them. I was constantly learning new styles and at the same time figuring out my unique view. Different “Exercises” forced me to look at my work with fresh eyes; in turn I started viewing the world with “art colored glasses.”

Everywhere I look I see something I might not have noticed before, or realizing how the light hits different forms in different ways. My perception of everything from color to “composition” has been forever changed. This happened when I started my bio classes too. I started seeing everything in a different way. Through a lens that I was only offered through further knowledge in the field. Is this what happens whenever we gain knowledge about something?

I await this coming semester with great anticipation, hoping that I further myself in my artistic vision as I go through a few more classes and critiques.

Check out my website http://bkrudwig.com to see some of my current and past work!

Spot of tea

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are you a junker? A crafter? Someone who just has too many things lying around not doing anything?? Well this project is for you (and me)

I fall into all of those categories, and then some, but this project actually comes out of necessity and a loathing of getting rid of items that

have an emotional value. I received a gorgeous teapot from my sister many years ago (I love some tea now and again) but after testing it for lead I was met with the red color of sadness. It was positive for lead, no drinking from this one. I have had it sitting on shelves in various rooms/apartments, and have never been able to use it, it has acted as an incense holder, a pen holder, even a crochet hook holder. This had to stop. I wanted to do something that would highlight its form. I wracked my brains until I came up with a brilliant idea, put a houseplant in it!

So I did, however I had to do something to make it unique, modern and something that would really reflect my style. I took a decorative plate that I had sitting around and used it as the base. I then took the two cups that came from the tea set and stacked those, attaching it all with a silicone adhesive (safe for aquariums so it is waterproof and non-toxic) and then put the teapot right on top.

I knew that with this raised platform I had to choose a cascading plant so I did a little research and decided on a vine (that I bought at my local garden center.)

In totality this project cost me $3.00! I had all of these things lying around except for the plant! Talk about a cheap way to spruce up a room and to bring some green inside!


Summer Crochet – Naturalism

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ah summer, the smell of fresh cut grass, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the clear blue sky, the yarn everywhere…. Wait what? It’s summer, the last thing anyone wants to see is a yarn-made item, as they are warm and people only make hats and scarves and winter items. Wrong!

A common misconception in crochet and knit (one I am trying to slash down) is that people only make winter items. There is an entire world of other goods, lacy shawls, blankets for picnics, towels for swimming, etc.

I have been working on a new line in my shop that helps make crochet accessible year round. I call it Specimen. I am an artist at heart and a naturalist by trade, so bringing two of my passions together like this is refreshing for me.

Dracus Crudus

I make these little guys by starting with a sketch and then picking a color of yarn and getting going. The best thing is that they don’t use a lot of yarn, so you can use your scraps that are lying around. Start  crocheting or knitting, and keep going until you get a form you like. add eyes and accessories and bam you’re done!

Here is a link to a FAQ on amigurumi

A youtube tutorial will follow this soon! Keep an eye out on my channel!

The Future

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Aha! there is a bright future for Benjamin Krudwig, as I have just launched my new website!

Please check it out and share it with all of your friends!


The Role of the Artist

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Art has existed since the dawn of humanity, in which I mean when we became the social, free thinking creatures we are today, and has evolved along with us as our brains have expanded, grown, and changed. Whether it was art to begin with or it became art when we needed it to be. The question that often comes up in the world is if art is necessary. I would argue yes, just as most people would, however I wonder if it’s for the same reasons. Many say that it allows someone to express their creative side. That is by all means true, but there are many other roles of art and the artist. In a world where censorship is rampant the most important role of the artist is most necessary.

Artists are the martyrs of the general public. Yes this is a strong statement, but I find it hard to deny. Artists have a great responsibility and privilege of exposing things to the world that would otherwise be hushed up. When a terrible thing happens, artists have an opportunity to expose the whole thing from every angle and with the added insertion of an emotion filter.

If there is an emotion that is often times censored for fear of it consuming the people, artists are allowed to express and feel that for the people, and as viewers, they can experience it in a safe place where it is “okay” and “right” to feel the emotion that the artist expressed. They don’t have to feel awkward or ashamed of the emotion they are feeling because that is the purpose of the work.

Did art arrive and evolve due to social pressures on expression? Sure there is an individual artist statement for every artist out there, but as a general whole, where did art come from?

Tell me your opinion in the comments below!  Remember, if you liked it, share it!

The Artist and the Art

February 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I recently started my first semester as an art student. When I arrived at CU Boulder four years ago I came in as an Ecological and Evolutionary Biology major and thought it would be the way to go for my life. As time progressed I found that I really wasn’t passionate about the actual practice of Biology and more of the aesthetics of bio. I also realized I didn’t quite belong in the science community.

It was until the fall of 2010 that I found a Bio class that I truly enjoyed and felt comfortable in, and that class was taught by a woman who not only had her doctorate in EBIO but a background in the arts.

The idea of adding an art major wasn’t a new one, my mother had tried to convince me my freshman year, after I had failed Chemistry 2 and had my first “break down” about science, to be the artist that she always new I was.

I was raised in a family of artists, my mother a painter and illustrator, my dad who loves photography, my sisters who love painting and cooking, all of my aunts and uncles have some sort of creative bone in their body that they allow themselves  to express, so why was I suppressing myself?

I thought a Bio degree would bring in money, or it was more credible than an art degree. I was unhappy though, why continue? I was also stubborn. I was taught to never give up and I found myself fighting the urge to “give up” my bio major.

So here I am nearly done with one degree and starting another, constantly thinking of how I can integrate both into a fulfilling career.

My photography professor gave my class a reading from “Art and Fear” a book about creating art. I thought this strange at first, but then when I read it fully I realized as long as I am happy with the work I create I am creating art. If I feel fulfilled it doesn’t matter whether or not I am making millions of dollars, as long as I can put food on the table and a roof over my head and if I can call people my friends and family, I am living a fulfilled life.

So what does this have to do with my title? Well, it brings me to my philosophy of art: if the artist feels fulfilled in creating their art, it doesn’t matter if the whole world recognizes it as genius, they put themselves out there and created something with an intention. Someone somewhere will see it and be touched as long as the artist was true to their point of view and weren’t blocking their “voice.”

I feel like my school, or at least the professors I have, are very open to that and are here to help us reach that point in our own work where we have a voice and the confidence to share it with the world.

I want to know: what do you think about the purpose of art and the artist?

Check out my next blog on the role of artists in society!

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